How many people can RoundAboat sit?

Our Roundaboats can seat up to 10 people, including little ones.

What are Roundaboats great for?

Whether you are a group of friends, a family, work party or just a couple looking for something fun and different to do, RoundAboat has you covered.  They are perfect for cruising down the river, socialising and taking in the sights that the beautiful Noosa River has to offer.

What should I do on arrival?

  1. Arrive at the Roundaboat 15 minutes before
  2. Send your nominated driver and co-driver to the RoundAboats for a full briefing.
  3. All jump on board and away you go.

Yes, it’s that easy!

Do I need a boat licence?

No, but we will need to see a drivers license.

Can children come along?

100%! Children love them.

What does the designated driver need?

A person must be over 18  years of age with a drivers licence and a willingness not to drink alcohol 😉

But I’ve never driven a boat?

No worries, we provide clear instructions so you know what to do and when to do it. If you forget, there are clear details on the Roundaboat as well.

Why do I need a co-driver?

Just in case the driver falls in! Seriously, it’s always good to have a second person listen to the instructions to help the designated driver.

What do we need to bring?

A towel, a hat, your smiles, food and drinks. Oh, and a fully charged mobile phone to play some tunes and just in case we need to communicate while you are out there.

What do you provide?

A centre ice bucket with ice, bluetooth speaker and life jackets. For an additional cost we can provide a staff driver & extra ice if you require another esky.

Where can I go on the RoundAbout?

Roundaboats are perfect for cruising down the Noosa River. You will be shown the best way to go and the best spots to anchor up and go for a dip.

What happens if I return early?

That’s crazy! But if you do, there are no refunds, sorry 🙂

How clean do we have to return the Roundaboat?

As you would expect really, all the rubbish, food left overs and any other items you brought with you. We provide bin bags so there’s no problem.

Can we go fishing on a RoundAboat?

No, great for cruising with family and friends, useless as a fishing vessel so no fishing equipment is allowed onboard.

If the weather is bad, what’s Roundaboat policy?

If www.bom.gov.au states severe weather conditions then we will automatically stop the booking. We will inform you immediately and simply reschedule another time or provide a gift voucher that is valid for a 12 month period with no admin fees.

Can I drink alcohol?

Everyone except the nominated driver. The Water Police regularly patrol the area to ensure safe boating for everybody. Any drug use is strictly prohibited and offenders are automatically reported to the police.

Can I go swimming?

Sure, during the briefing you’ll be told the best places to have a dip but strictly no diving off the boat.

Are pets allowed?

Yes! All our boats are pet friendly. We just ask that you clean up after your fur baby otherwise this may incur an extra cleaning fee.

When do we pay?

When you book. All bookings are taken online so just click Book Now and follow the steps.

Can I change my dates?

Yes, we can change your dates providing we have three or more days notice. Less than three days we do charge a $50 admin fee.

Can you refund my booking?

We have a No-Refund policy. However, we are happy to change the dates within one year or exchange your booking to a gift card.

How long are your gift cards valid for?

Gift cards are valid for one year unless they are part of a promotional deal.

What if my gift voucher runs out?

No problem, for a reactivation fee of $30 we will extend another six months.

What about security bond and insurance?

The hirer must leave their credit card details on arrival.  The hirer is ultimately responsible for any damage to the RoundAboat for the duration of the hire.